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Quality packaging materials are now available at affordable prices at all post offices

S/N Items Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Retail Price*
(A) Postpac Carton / Envelope
1 Carton Size 1 - C1 20cm x 15cm x 10cm S$2.40 per carton
2 Carton Size 2 - C2 31cm x 23cm x 12cm S$3.20 per carton
3 Carton Size 3 - C3 40cm x 25cm x 15cm S$4.30 per carton
4 Carton Size 4 - C4 50cm x 30cm x 20cm S$5.30 per carton
5 Carton Size 5 - C5 60cm x 40cm x 30cm S$8.35 per carton
6 Envelope Size 1 - E1 133mm x 190mm S$0.90 per envelope
7 Envelope Size 2 - E2 203mm x 280mm S$1.40 per envelope
8 Envelope Size 3 - E3 304mm x 406mm S$2.00 per envelope
9 Envelope Size 4 - E4 330mm x 483mm S$2.90 per envelope
10 Envelope Size A4 - A4 260mm x 330mm S$1.60 per envelope
(B) Security Envelope
1 Size C6 125mm x 162mm S$1.00 per envelope
2 Size DL 129mm x 220mm S$1.10 per envelope
3 Size C4 242mm x 316mm S$1.45 per envelope
(C) Security Seal
1 Small 53mm x 37mm S$0.40 per seal
2 Large 105mm x 75mm S$0.80 per seal
(D) Postube
1 Size 1 51mm (Diameter), 460mm (Length) S$2.10 per tube
2 Size 2 77mm (Diameter), 460mm (Length) S$2.85 per tube
3 Size 3 51mm (Diameter), 630mm (Length) S$2.45 per tube
4 Size 4 77mm (Diameter), 630mm (Length) S$3.70 per tube
(E) Others
1 Air Bubble Sheets 45cm x 45cm S$0.50 per sheet
2 Kraft Paper (Green) 89cm x 120cm (90g) S$0.55 per sheet
3 Kraft Paper (Brown) 89cm x 120cm (60g) S$0.35 per sheet
4 Loose Fill Foams (White) - S$1.40 per PKT

* Price listed is inclusive of GST and is correct as of 10 Jan 2014.  For latest update, please check with the post office.